acronym groups

acronym groups
   A pun on the word ‘hippie’, ‘yuppie’ is an acronym for Young Urban (or Upwardly mobile) Professional Person. The term was coined in the late 1970s and was followed in the 1980s by many similar acronyms: Guppie (a ‘green’ or environmentally conscious young professional); Buppie (a black yuppie); Yummie (a Muslim yuppie); Dinkie (a person in a couple with two incomes and no kids); Nimby (someone who is in favour of development generally but ‘not in my back yard’); and Rumpie (a rural upwardly mobile professional, which is to say a city dweller who moves to large country houses, wears Barbour jackets, owns a 4-wheel drive, and commutes to a job in the city). The trend for such acronyms is part of a general increase in a fast-paced British society since the 1980s, towards abbreviations, buzzwords, localized acronyms and esoteric languages, which culminated in the joke usage TLA (three-letter acronym).

Encyclopedia of contemporary British culture . . 2014.

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